Currency Trading – The Future Of Investment

Forex Trading, meaning Currency Trading, is a world wide, little known market, which will become the most popular source of income for investors in the very near future. It is open for banks, rich investors and small ones alike and, depending on the sum of money they are willing to risk, the earnings demonstrate this is the best way to start getting rich.Why choose currency trading over stock, real estate or futures trading?The currency trading advantages are speed, liquidity, commission-free transactions, increased safety, short-term trading and great earnings. Let’s study each of these advantages in other trading systems:- Speed: Currency trading is instant due to a large amount of transactions while future trading implies a longer time to trade certain commodities, agricultural products, financial instruments and goods (contracts need to be written and signed)- Stock traders must pay brokers a certain fee for each transaction made. The brokerage fee is available for all futures transactions, but not in the case of currency trading. In currency trading brokers earn money by studying and profiting from the difference of price between sold and bought currencies.- Liquidity: The currency market is opened non-stop, anywhere in the world giving currency traders the chance to trade whenever they find the opportune moment and prices. This is a characteristic attributed only to currency trading.- Safety: while other trading systems are based on speculation, on the fluctuation of price, on slippage and market gaps, currency trading is controlled with the help of built in safeguards that limit slip-ups.- Short term trading, like currency trading, is more efficient for profit making than long term trading. Day trading does not increase speculation, risk and does not imply that the broker’s commission will reduce any profit made.Anyone can start trading currencies. This means Currency Trading is easy therefore making money is easy! The potential profit that can be made by buying and selling currencies and with a minimum capital for investment is amazing. Currency trading techniques are available online for learning for those interested in doing so, but the best choice would be to let a broker do business for you.Tricks and traps are everywhere for inexperienced and the best way to avoid losing money and time is to hire a broker who knows how the currency market works and how to increase your venues. Let someone else do the trading for you!The Currency market is very vast and it involves traders all over the world.Therefore the market can not be monopolized, cornered in any way for a single beneficiary. There are many participants, many banks involved and currency trading is a global phenomenon. The amount of business done during a particular period of time by the Currency market is 30 times bigger than that done by the US Equity markets.The average sum of money exchanged during one day of transactions with many currencies goes over 1.6 trillion US$. The impressive numbers don’t stop here. The Currency market predictions of growth in the futures are over 2.0 trillion US$. These facts together with others (like the lack of physical location or centralization of any kind) offer the Currency trader safety.Trading currencies allows investors to make money quick and efficient, with little risk and in a big way! So what’s keeping you from becoming a Currency trader?

7 Advertising Strategies The Pros Use To Make Millions

We all realize that when it comes down to it, you can advertise all you want, but when you call it a day, how many leads did you generate and what is the revenue you generated?All 6 and 7-figure Networkers ask themselves this question: How much money did I generate?These 7 Strategies will help you to create leads, generate sales, and quite possibly start branding you as The Networking Pundit. Obviously, you don’t have to use all of them at one time, but these 7 strategies are used by the 6 and 7-figure networkers who are crushing it out there on the internet.Caveat! You are the momentum behind the idea. This is a sexy and succulent industry. You are able to create sexy and succulent results, but understand that YOU are the impetus behind the idea.Now, onward to The 7 Strategies:#1 -Copywriting
What are you using to create your advertising copy?
Or to put it another way: Are you copying or are you writing?I need to know ‘how to’ write an ad. Yes, I agree. We all need to learn how to write advertising copy, a.k.a. copywriting. Joe Vitale and Dan Kennedy are among the amazing copywriting gurus. Their books Hypnotic Writing and The Ultimate Sales Letter (respectively) are two of the best books out there on the subject.Copywriting is tantamount in our business and creates the most special bond between you and your reader. The more personal your story, the more that potential lead likes you. The more you open up and leave something on the table, the more they trust you. The more they read, the more they know. Know, Like and Trust.This is the #1 Strategy because quite honestly, you won’t be successful unless you study copywriting. Well, I take that back, you can pay someone a butt load of $$ to write for you and then you can take credit for it.But, I’m going to let you down easy: Those of you who are looking for some get rich quick kind of schematic will end up joining the Bernie Madoffs and J.David Dominelli’s'of the past. Despised and broke.These are 7 Strategies you implement yourself, not 7 ways to make you richer faster than anyone else.#2 – Facebook
What types of social media are you using to generate leads for your business?Facebook is an incredible way to achieve results by generating leads without having to place ads. It’s F.R.E.E. Advertising!
Ask yourself, who is my best Avatar?
What type of professional resonates with me the most? (well, the network marketing professional of course!)
Who am I able to influence and who is interested in what I have to offer?Here’s what the professionals do, they add friends. Therefore, take a look at your friends friends and add the people who you most resonate with. By adding 5-10 people a day your FB Page will grow exponentialy. One of the mentors in my Community grew his friend base to 5,000 friends in less than 4 months. Holy Crap! That’s a lot of people who resonate with this guy!#3 – Placement of AdsNext, you must plant seeds. If you want a harvest you have to plant the seeds.Make yourself a commitment to place 7-10 advertisements per day. Professional 6 and 7 figure networkers place advertisements every single day. You are no different. Yes it takes time. Yes it takes effort and Yes it will take all of your energy to create 7-10 advertisements. But, once you continually do this on a daily basis, you will get better and better at it, and before long those 7-10 advertisements will turn into 25-35 advertisements.Now you’re asking me, where do you place advertisements Nic? Well, I place all over, but the newest place to secure advertising is the most cutting edge of arenas.
Here’s an idea: Banner Advertisements! Go check out the smaller URL’s you visit and see what their banner advertisements cost. Sometimes you’re able to secure a banner advertisement for about $3.30 per lead or less depending on the venue you’re using to advertise your bannerNow for someone new that may seem like a lot of $$. Think in abundance my friend. You too will realize that by breaking your cost down per lead you will generate a heck of a lot more traffic. Don’t get caught up in the $$, get caught up in creating your dream.
Banner advertising? It’s everywhere. Find it on your newsletters that you are a part of and receive daily. Find it on forum websites. Start looking for it, you will find it. Banner advertising is popular and efficient. Don’t overlook anything that reaches the masses.#4 – Strategic RelationshipsCPA – Cost Per Acquisition/ActionThis is a relatively new way to create/generate leads for network marketing professionals. Although, it’s been around for a while.
CPA or Cost Per Acquisition/Action is based on leveraging other people’s lists and databases. You give your database and list in kind for someone else’s database and list. Leveraging their names and their leads for your business and vice/versa; It’s strategic relationship building and it’s the newest way to create and build your business.You have received a lot of advertising based on CPA Networking – just look at your mailbox. CPA Networks are a lot more mainstream now that the internet is more content based rather than information based and people are now targeting leads based on the content they read, listen to, subscribe to, and search for. With 1.8 billion people on the internet and 6 billion people on the planet, the CPA Networkers are positioned very well.CPA Advertising is a bit more in depth than this definition and honestly and to tell you the truth I have yet to ‘try it out’ but, when a guy who was over +$283k in debt to the Federal Government has now made this a way to create and leverage a 7-figure a year income uses this type of advertising to generate leads and is successful at doing so, I believe I will start paying more attention to this new way mode of internet marketing.#5 – EzinesEzine advertising is a way to generate leads based on specific interests and target markets. Search for the directory of Ezines and find one that you want to use to advertise your specific niche. Use the Ezines that you believe will help you in your specific niche. Sometimes your ads will work, sometimes they won’t. The best thing about Ezine advertising is that you can test copy, solo ads, pictures and the like. Test, Tweak and Track, that’s your motto!#6 – Use 3 Unknown Traffic SourcesSince the Google Fiasco everyone who had made oodles of $$ on the internet is now wallowing in their sorrows because they put all their eggs in one basket and now they’re wondering where the heck to get more leads. Most, if not all, of these people have been banned from Google Ads and only those who are generating traffic on different modes of transportation are still in the game. The rest of them have cut their losses and are now out of it for good. That’s a blessing to the rest of us.For those of us who are new and weren’t slapped around, hit up, banned, or otherwise chastised in any way by Google are wondering just what does all this mean for me?It means we have to find ways to advertise that are different or more challenging that what most of the industry pundits were used to on the Google GravyTrain.
Billboard Advertising
Print Advertising / Offline Advertising
Banner Advertising
F.R.E.E. Advertising
Social Networking (not just the big networks, the smaller one’s too)
Google Buzz
Four Square
Eebieee Jeebie, Ooooga Booga and the rest…
Article Advertising
Blogging with valuable content that targets a specific professional
CPA / CPV NetworksPick 3 of these and get out of your advertising comfort zone. Create some content and see what happens. Remember, test, tweak and track. It’s all in the doing, the creating the making it happen. The book doesn’t do much on the shelf if you know what I mean.#7 – Are You In or Are You Out?When you finally get your leads after all of your hard work creating the advertising, using the venues of choice and are ready to make the call to that lead your strategy that you use to set yourself apart from the rest of the so-called gurus is to ask “Are you in or are you out?”Leave it up to them. If you are that good and you are working with the integrity of a Leader you will not need to ‘sell’ your leads anything. Your product is not what they’re buying; they’re buying a Leader. People want to be lead, they don’t want to lead. People want to buy, they don’t want to be sold. People want to have a choice, but they would rather have your recommendation.

Your Child and Mental Health

While many adults believe that children live a life of ease, this is certainly not necessarily always true. Your child and mental health is a dynamic world unto it’s own.Children are not without their own emotional, mental, and physical troubles. Just as with older humans, children are capable of feeling all types of feelings. These include feelings of sadness, hurt, mistrust, anxiety, and anger. In addition, the way that children deal with these feelings can have a huge effect on their emotional health. Children and mental health often reflects greatly on the parental mental health that a child has when he or she become a parent themselves. Kids that grow up in a positive environment are much more likely to be positive adults than those that experience negative emotional mental health during their childhood.Infant and child mental health establishes a foundation of self-esteem for life.Children as young as infants are aware of trust and mistrust in others and in self. After a child is only a few months old, their emotional health begins to develop. It is important during infancy that a baby learns he or she can trust the caregiver. The baby needs to know that his or her needs are taken care of when a diaper should be changed or a feeding needs to take place. Infants that go long periods of time without the attention of the caregiver are much more likely not to trust.Once the infant passes through the stage of placing trust in others, a toddler encounters a stage of emotional mental health called autonomy vs. shame and doubt. During this period, the child needs to feel that he or she is capable of independence. While an infant needed others, toddlers are looking for space to obtain good mental health. When a toddler is not given the opportunity to find independence, he or she often grows up having a lacking self-esteem, feeling ashamed as well as a whole assortment of other mental health issues. Much independence during this stage of life is found through potty training with the toddler taking care of his or her own bathroom needs.Your child and mental health goes hand in hand with the circumstance of the family environment while growing up.Initiative verse guilt follows the toddler stage when a child reaches preschool and kindergarten. During this stage, the child emotionally needs to explore others and the world around him or her and begins to become interested in belonging to a group and role-playing within that group. During this stage of life, a person develops much of their background for social interaction. Children who are allowed to explore and interact with others are much more likely to carry over positive social skills into adulthood than those that are secluded from group activities. These others can end up on the opposite side of the spectrum in regards to their social and mental health becoming withdrawn from others.It is quite apparent that child and adult mental health become synonymous throughout life.Part of creating a solid foundation in children to carry over into adulthood is allowing children the opportunity to learn how to make choices. Children need to experience the effects that their choices have on their lives. Instead of continually giving a child direction, it is better to give a child options.When allowed to take some actions into their own hands helps create an emotional mental health framework for the future, Setting boundaries and preparing children for disappointments help children prepare for good mental health and avoidance of mental health issues as an adult. In some cases, children can make choices for themselves. However, children also need to learn that not everything will always be controlled by them. They need to learn to accept the things that they cannot control. A child that learns to cope with disappointment through a caregiver that sets boundaries will grow into an adult with a foundation of more positive emotional mental health than those children that never experience hearing the word “no”. All of this is very critical for child and adolescent development.While all research indicates that the environment in which a child grows greatly affects his or her emotional mental health, not all parents that fail to properly foster their child’s stages of health are neglectful or bad parents. In fact, many parents struggle with the proper methods they should carry out to help their child grow into a prosperous adult.Interaction is a great way to help your child’s emotional mental health bloom. Children need to be cuddled and feel the touch of others. In addition, they need communication. Even as an infant, babies respond to parents and others through coos. Responding to these babbles is an important part of the infant and child mental health development process (both mentally and emotionally). As the child grows older, let him or her know what he or she has to say is important by listening and responding in conversation.In addition to talking, your child and mental health is dependent upon nonverbal responses also. Be certain to make eye contact with the child. Share gestures and facial expressions during daily routines such as dinner, story time, and bath time.Be certain that you have expectations for your child and that they are appropriate for the child’s age level. Placing too much pressure or high expectations on your child can be harmful to his or her emotional mental health. Do not place expectations on the child that he or she is not mature enough to handle.When your child reaches a charged emotional situation, try to help the child understand the feelings and work through the problem. Let your child know that it is okay to express emotions if they are expressed in a proper manner.Raising or working with a child can be a large responsibility when it is realized that the things the child experiences now affects how he or she will respond to the world as an adult. The positive or negative environment that a kid encounters through childhood affects the ways that he or she handles situations independently when grown.Carefully considering the emotional health needs that help a child feel secure about him or herself and about the environment are important to his or her success in the future.

History of Automotive Headlamps From the Beginning to LEDs

I have searched around the web to bring you this article on the development of the automotive headlamp from the beginning right up until the latest LED developments.As far as I can ascertain the beginning of the electric automotive headlamps journey began in about 1898 by a company called the Electric Vehicle Company in Connecticut, based in a place called Hartford. Although we do read of reference to gas lamps (acetylene) used on the first vehicles in the 1880′s.So it was awhile back and also we are more interested in the electric lamp development for the motor car.It is actually quite funny when you read the development especially what was considered acceptable. The filaments (they were incandescent lamps) would regularly burnout, usually caused by the rough road conditions also the cars power supply was pretty anemic and struggled to provide the necessary electric power, especially when we read they were about one percent efficient.In today’s society, faced with the same challenge I am sure we would just give up.All of the above did not deter our friends at Cadillac and apparently they produced the first modern headlight system. This was a totally new arrangement compared to previous efforts and could even be used in the rain and snow without the risk of getting burned. Oh it was considered a revolution in its day.We then move on to a company called the Guide Lamp Company who rolled out the next technological breakthrough in about 1915. This was the introduction of the low beam headlamp. In reality it was not until about 1924 before we saw a proper high/low beam headlamp with an internal switch.The next major development was the Halogen lamp which popped into the automotive headlamp arena in Europe in about 1962. These become mandatory in several countries due to their excellent capability. The sealed beam incandescent headlamp persisted as standard fitment until about 1978. The halogen headlamp is still used today by many automotive manufacturers.The next development was high intensity discharge lighting systems (HID) often described as Xenon headlights. These started appearing in the top end models of some German vehicles in about 1991. These are still a rather costly option and have not yet been fully embraced by the automotive manufacturers. The jury is still out on these.This brings us to the LED which has taken off slowly but appears to be moving ahead quite quickly. Its foray into headlamps is still in its infancy, although their use in tail lamps, brake lights and indicators seems assured.Time will tell, but for now the Xenon is considered an excellent, although expensive, headlight design and the 3157 LED and its derivatives is leading the way for all other small signal and indication type lighting in the automotive scene.